Stellantis Media Jeep® Brand Expands Jeep Wave Premium Owner Loyalty Program to Canada

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Jeep® Wave Owner Benefits 2020

If you buy the program, then you will have to pay an annual fee to stay enrolled in it. To get selected for a 24-month Jeep Wave membership program, you must purchase or lease a Jeep vehicle that qualifies for registration. The Jeep Wave is extended to all Jeep owners who buy a Jeep 2015 model or any vehicle after that. This ensures that the majority of Jeep owners can be a part of this program. A membership program designed to give Jeep vehicle owners exclusive 24/7 support, either via the phone or online.

  • You can do this with simply a social exchange with other Jeep owners.
  • They can use that same line to schedule service or make other requests related to their Jeeps.
  • See Car Talk’s Golden Wrench Awards for Best Extended Warranty Companies to help you make your decisions.
  • Jeep Wave® members can access 550K miles of trails and roads in the App.
  • Benefits noted with (†) are administered by way of a Mopar Vehicle Protection® plan that accompanies the Jeep Wave membership.

No matter where you are, your Jeep can go farther with onX Offroad. The Jeep wave is not the only vehicle greeting that has been around. There are Volkswagen Beetle owners who honk or wave at each other for recognition. The Corvette Wave for Porsche users is used to identify car enthusiasts willing to spend over $60,000 for a luxury car.

Dedicated 24/7 Owner Support

If you’re already a member or need to complete your registration head to the Jeep vehicle owner website to get started. The Jeep wave is simply used to acknowledge another Jeep owner who has similarly excellent taste in SUVs. Your Jeep Wrangler might elicit the most enthusiastic waves, especially if it’s tricked out with modifications, but the Jeep wave is for every member of the Jeep community, regardless of make or model.

Why are other Jeep owners waving at me?

The Jeep Wave is a special greeting that Jeep owners use to acknowledge each other as they pass on the road.

Grand Cherokee, you can always wave, but other Jeep drivers may not wave back. Visit for full details and a copy of the limited warranty. Discount code cannot be combined with the offers applied to the cart. There are many theories about where the Jeep wave came from, but the common consensus is that the wave itself is an act of solidarity and acknowledgment of other drivers. Another story about the Jeep wave comes from after World War II, when soldiers began to return home.

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This simple waving gesture is a social exchange in which almost every Jeep owner partakes. When someone buys a new vehicle, Jeep offers a complimentary two-year membership. On the contrary, the direct-purchase membership is only valid for one year. Trip interruption and first-day-rental coverage means less out of pocket expenses for covered repairs far from home.

Another theory about the beginning of the wave states that post-World War, returning soldiers purchased their first CJ or VJ models. They would wave at one another to recognize the commendable services they had provided during the war. It was initially introduced to Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ, and JK models. Then the Jeep Wave expanded to all owners of different Jeep models made in 2021.

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If that driver waves at you, you’d naturally wave back in their direction. This “Jeep wave” is a great way to feel included in a culture you didn’t even have to sign up for. When you own a Jeep, you become ensconced in an entirely new culture of Jeep appreciation.

Jeep Wave members get preferred treatment at Jeep Brand events across the country and access to exclusive events. A Jeep wave can be as simple as extending two or four fingers from the steering wheel and giving a nod. But you might also wave with your whole hand, especially if you’ve got your top down and doors off and want to raise your hand above the windshield or outside the body of the vehicle. Whatever your style, your fellow Jeep owners will appreciate the greeting and will return the love. We offer unbiased reviews and advice, bad jokes and a great community for car owners and shoppers.

The 2021 Jeep Compass leaves nothing to the imagination with its sleek, sporty curves and rugged capabilities. With seating for five passengers, the Compass boasts 180 horsepower, and 2,000 lbs. It also has an impressive 22 mpg city/31 mpg highway, and available AWD, 9-speed automatic engine.

  • The program may have started after your purchase date and apply retroactively.
  • As a jeep owner, it’s your call to continue with the Jeep wave.
  • Jeep Wave members get preferred treatment at Jeep Brand events across the country and access to exclusive events.
  • Members agree and understand that any unused benefits will be immediately forfeited when the membership term ends.
  • 615K miles of trails and roads can be accessed through the app by members.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us today. The Jeep Wave Program doesn’t let the Jeep® Wave Owner Benefits 2020 owner down when it comes to benefits. It’s hard to ignore the benefits of this quick, easy, reassuring program.

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